IBP was established in Baku in 2012 to provide solutions in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Despite its recent emergence, IBP has taken a peculiar place and become a sought-after company in the sector in very short time thanks to its innovative and rapid solutions.

Our company basically has been specialized in developing web-based software, and on the one hand it provides solutions that meet customer requirements, on the other hand our company further develops its products by focusing on Research & Development (R & D) activities. Providing modern modular solutions that can be easily integrated into customers’ business models has played a major role in achieving success in this field. In addition to its traditional services, IBP has chosen a specialization in some areas and aims to provide professional services in web-design, web-portal, web-applications, CMS and e-learning.

Our company identified its mission as to provide the most modern design and advanced solutions using ICT tools and to support the acceleration of business processes of customers by offering our high-standard services. IBP successfully continues its work with increasing customer portfolio every day.

Web design

IBP is quite experienced in developing the websites by using the latest technology and moreover, it examines the characteristics of its target audience in detail, considers their image and characteristics.

IBP has developed many website designs from different sectors till now and paid special attention to implement the most beautiful designs since the beginning of its activities in the sector.


IBP provides appropriate platforms for the sale of products and services through internet by developing e-commerce websites. Our company provides an opportunity to pay through internet by using all existing internet payment systems in Azerbaijan. In addition, IBP offers a chance to use other online payment systems operating worldwide.

In terms of meeting the needs of customers in developing e-commerce websites, IBP has a wide experience.

Web-based applications and projects

Web-based applications and projects are quickly replacing desktop programs. The greatest advantage of web-based applications over desktop applications is that they might be controlled anywhere. Additional software is not required to use them and they are simply controlled via internet browser.

IBP provides customers with web-based e-learning management system(LMS), school management system, student management system, accounting software, performance management system, human resources management, library management program, management information system software, online chat program, MRP, CRM solutions.


Experts employed at IBP have worked abroad in the field of electronic education for a long time and played an active role in the implementation of e-learning projects of many foreign companies, universities and foreign government agencies.

In order to use the deep experience acquired abroad in e-learning programs of our country, e-learning application has been developed named with Nod LMS under IBP. E-learning program has been developed in such a way that it can easily be integrated into available human resources, ERP programs and centralized LDAP systems.

E-learning and developing digital materials

IBP offers animated programs, cartoons, asymmetrical simulators and video films for any scenario. The artists employed in the team convert the requested drawings to digital version and they are added to animation.

Development of SCORM-based materials and making ready materials as SCORM-based

IBP can make your ready materials SCORM-based and enable your materials operate smoothly on SCORM-based e-learning programs.

Consulting services

Many institutions and businesses try to solve their program supply needs by employing engineers who simply can write code. Our experience based on many years shows that this approach does not bring any positive result. Namely, as the stages of documenting, testing and quality checking of programs are often ignored by engineers, successful results are not achieved. In case, the engineers who participate in the development of the programs quit the job, most of the time the program remains vacant and the works are to be stopped unfulfilled.

IBP consulting services help you to minimize the problems you face during the development of programs and to resolve them in the shortest possible time.

Prior to the development of a program, detailed analysis of customer needs is done, and then customer requirements are identified and coded.

The plan for the development of a program is drawn up and the engineers who will handle the program are explained the strategies to follow. During this time the development process of the program is overseen, and the customers regularly are provided with reports in that sense.

The requested programs are planned, coded, tested and passed through quality check, and at the end they are delivered flawlessly.

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